This is a summary of the hypothetical results that could have been achieved between  April 24, 2008 and January 13, 2020 had one followed the Tactical Strategy’s signals during that time and also compared to the return of global equities as represented by a 50/50 allocation to VTI/VEU. Results are completely hypothetical, do not include slippage or commissions, assume perfect daily rebalancing and may contain errors. The hypothetical results do not reflect what one will achieve in the future and are being provided for informational purposes only. Future results will be different.

Tactical Strategy VTI/VEU
Start Date 2008-04-24 2008-04-24
End Date 2020-01-13 2020-01-13
Total Return 299% 105%
CAGR 12.5% 6.3%
Max DD -13.20% -55.50%